Our latest games from Gaming Corps

If you want to experience a unique gaming experience every time you play slots, then check the game library from our casino online. There you will find some of the best and newest online slots from the top provider Gaming Corps. Below in this article, you will read about our newly acquired online slots, which are worth mentioning and trying out.

Mining Madness

A popular release by Gaming Corps, Mining Madness, is an online slot with a prospecting, gold-digging theme. Similar to minesweeper/battleship-style slots, the concept of this game comes from cryptocurrency games that award the brave. The main character, Billy-Boyd Skeeter, is about to strike it lucky on his gold quest in the mines. But he has to find the treasure without running into his misplaced sticks of dynamite. 

Before you start the game, you have to choose your bet and the number of dynamites you want on your playing field. The combination of these features changes the volatility, particularly why Mining Madness has a variable RTP value between 96.59% and 97.32%.

As the action unfurls, you can pick tiles to reveal either Gold Nuggets that will add to your reward or a Dynamite that blasts to end the game round. The game also has an additional bonus feature, TreasureBoost, which increases players’ chances of landing a Gold Nugget. 

Bank or Bust

Bank or Bust is another mining game set during a bank heist in true film noir style. Players must choose tiles to either reveal Gold or a Burglar alarm. Find the bars, and you’re golden. Come across a burglar alarm, and you will lose all your winnings. 

The action takes place on a 5×5 grid; the more vaults you open, the higher your reward. When there are more alarms on the grid, your chance of getting busted increases. So try your luck at this thrilling slot, and see if the ‘win it all or lose it all’ game model works for you! 

To Mars and Beyond

Released in 2021, To Mars and Beyond is the next generation of multiplier games based in and around space and spacecraft. The theme revolves around a rocket departing from Mars into the unknown. In your journey, you’re challenged by enemy vessels and attacks, which, if survived, you will be granted one of the two bonuses – a multiplier boost by a random percentage or a free bet. Based on HTML5 technology, the game has stunning graphics and functions smoothly on all devices. 

To Mars and Beyond is a live game where players can place automatic bets between 0.10 to 100 credits for two consecutive rounds. The game has a multiplier functionality that sets off once the rocket launches. Players can choose to cash out at any moment, but if the rocket explodes before, the wager is lost. Now, since the game’s profitability varies on how quickly your cash out, the bet you place and the overall strategy, you get a ranging RTP rate of 95.31% to 97%.

When you choose our fantastic, you can enjoy a whole range of top-quality slots. Whatever you choose, always remember to bet responsibly. Here at, we regard player well-being as our number one priority – check out our Responsible Gambling tips and tools page for more information.