How to Play Quest of Gods

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The original slot game dates way back to the 1890s: the Liberty Bell was a mechanical coin-operated machine that lined up different playing cards and rang a bell when a matching combination was achieved. 

Fast forward to the 1970s when video slots arose and fruit machine symbols were reimagined for arcade games. Today, the majority of slots are enjoyed online, with much of the original charm of old-school slots still present.

Quest of Gods slot is a beautiful example of how far contemporary slots have come while still staying true to the original design. In this quick game guide we’ll cover how to play this game, plus its bonus symbols and main features – let’s go!

How to Play Quest of Gods

Quest of Gods is a fantasy-themed slot game from top provider RubyPlay. The aim of the game, like any slot, is to spin the reels and see which symbols line up along the paylines.

To get started you just need to select how much you want to bet per spin. There’s a wide betting scope so players with all levels of budget and experience can get involved. Once you’ve selected your bet amount (you can adjust this at any time), it’s time to start spinning the reels.

You can spin manually or by using the Autospin function – the choice is yours.

Bonus Symbols

Each standard symbol comes with a different Multiplier attached, and there are special symbols to enjoy too. The highest-paying standard symbols are the Gods themselves, as each of them carries a max Multiplier of 5x your stake for a single spin.

Then there’s the Wild symbol, which substitutes other symbols on the reels to form more winning combinations and potentially more lucrative pay-outs. There’s also the Wild Prize symbol, which appears on the third reel during Free Spins to give you even more pay-outs.

Main Features

Besides the smooth graphics and immersive soundtrack, Quest of Gods has some exciting features to enhance the gaming experience. The most exciting feature is Jackpot Mania, which can give you the max pay-out of 5,000x your stake.

Play Quest of Gods on Mobile

You can enjoy Quest of Gods on the go by accessing the mobile site of your chosen casino. Play on your smartphone or tablet and enjoy scooping prizes while out and about. All you need is an internet connection and plenty of battery life on your chosen device.

Quest of Gods Free Play

You can enjoy Quest of Gods and any other slot game for free by playing on our site in demo mode. This gives you a preview of the game’s features and potential pay-outs without eating into your bankroll.

Whether you choose to play at, or any other online casino, always remember to bet responsibly. Here at, we regard player well-being as our number one priority – check out our Responsible Gambling tips and tools page for more information.