New and Exciting Evolution Games slot games

Here at our superb online casino, we are continuing to evolve our ever-expanding slot games library at our casino for all of our loyal and new players! The casino online games here at are the best and we take a look at the newest and most exciting games from Evolution Games!

Dream Catcher

A live game that features a mega-money wheel for the chance to take home some huge winnings. Where this game really sets the bar is with its ‘big game, big product’ mentality. Multiple camera angles, chatting with the host and more… it genuinely feels like you’re playing your own personal game show. The wheel has 54 different segments, and the possibility to win up to £500,000 genuinely exists. Two of the segments are multipliers whilst the other 52 are straight bets. If any of the multiplier segments are landed upon, bets are held and the wheel is spun again. Land on another multiplier segment and the same scenario occurs. It’s a simple enough premise, with the live action really taking this offering to another level.

Football Studio

Though the premise of this game is that it’s being played in a football studio, it is a game of Baccarat. The references to football is mostly what gives the game its title. Bets are ‘Home,’ ‘Away’ and ‘Draw’ only, and the game is streamed live from the company’s studios. Simply put, players will need to predict when the cards are drawn, which of the two will have the higher value. The Home team as you look at the studio is on the left, the Away team on the right, and a draw being in the space in the middle. Players are able to chat with each other and the dealer, giving the game an actual sense of being there. As with each of this company’s offerings, this game can be played online, on mobile and on tablet without any loss of quality.

Mega Ball 100x

A live and interactive Bingo game, which has the bingo cards in the foreground, the balls swirling in the machine in the background, and the chance to win big with the live host doing a grand job of hyping up the excitement. There’s a max win per card at x100,000 of total bet staked, or a whopping €500,000 at stake for the Mega Ball. Five cards must be bought at the start of each game, with 51 balls drawn in total and 20 pulled from the machine initially. Once the 20 balls are drawn, up to 2 Mega Balls are drawn as well as a multiplier of up to x100. This wil give players the opportunity to really rack up funds. For example, 6 or more full lines means a payout of anywhere between x10,000 up to x100,000. That’s mega!

When you choose our fantastic, you can enjoy a whole range of top quality slots. Whatever you choose, always remember to bet responsibly. Here at, we regard player wellbeing as our number one priority – check out our Responsible Gambling tips and tools page for more information.