How to play Secrets of Alchemy

Secrets of Alchemy is one of the most popular casino games provided by EGT and is ideal for individuals who are on the lookout for some scientific-themed slots. The basic concept of this game involves turning different objects into gold and then converting them into cash. Since players can choose their credit-bet combination, this game is ideal for high rollers as well as those who prefer to bet with smaller amounts.

How to Play

Secrets of Alchemy is a five-reel slot that comes equipped with 25 adjustable paylines. The purpose of the game is to convert different items that you choose to gold. These things include items such as playing cards and roses. What most players love about this game is the ability to master the art of alchemy using paraphernalia, including an alchemy book, vessels, and poker symbols.

Weighing Gold

Once you have gold in your possession, you will need to start weighing it so that you can turn it into cash. Bare in mind that different items have different values. Playing cards can be traded for a maximum of 3,000 coins, while gold bars can be traded for 4,000 coins. 

Gold books can earn 6,000 coins, but you will earn the most if you can convert a would-be alchemist to gold. A female gold statue can be traded for 10,000 coins, while a male gold statue can be traded for 20,000 coins.

Special Features

Apart from this straightforward gameplay, there are some special features that make the game even more engaging. If you have found the perfect formula, you will be able to go “Wild” and turn everything in your path into gold. You will also need to be aware of other would-be alchemists who will be trying their best to sabotage you.

Scattered Castles, Jackpot Card Bonus, and the Double-or-Nothing Gamble Feature are some of the features that have the potential to multiply your winnings. Most of these features give a realistic chance of winning and can increase your earnings. 

Secret Stakes

Players need to find the perfect formula if they want to be able to earn endless gold. For this purpose, they will need to try out different credit-bet combinations until they find their perfect stake. Once you’ve found the formula, make sure you keep it a secret and do not share it with other would-be alchemists.

Special Characters 

To help you in conducting different experiments, you will be accompanied by a man and a woman, who will be well-experienced and will pass on their wisdom to you. Make sure you pay special attention to their teachings because you will be rewarded a lot after every successful experiment.

Secrets of Alchemy is a popular slot game due to its unique gameplay, exciting features, and ability to earn big after a bit of practice.