How to play Mega Wheel

Mega Wheel is an exhilarating live casino game released by Pragmatic Play, a popular software developer with various titles online. An energetic team of live dealers hosts the game. The game involves players correctly picking the number on which the Mega Wheel will stop. What makes this game stand out from similar titles are the random multipliers worth up to 500x, adding more excitement to the game and allowing players to win big. Those who enjoy slots will enjoy this game immensely.

Overall, Mega Wheel is a thrilling yet easy game of chance. The game requires players to set up their bankroll and decide on a betting strategy.

How to Play Mega Wheel

Mega Wheel is a live game presented by charismatic and professional hosts spinning the wheel and ensuring an entertaining atmosphere. The Mega Wheel live game show is based on the popular Money Wheel and Big 6 game concept. Thus, the game’s aim is fairly straightforward: players compete to guess the number the Mega Wheel will halt at once it stops spinning. If the wheel halts at the number the player bet on, they win. 

Mega Wheel has an RTP of 96.51%. The gameplay takes place on a large wheel with fifty-four colourful segments. Each numbered field denotes a matching payout. The live game is powered by RNGs (Random Number Generators) to amp up the excitement. This way, participants increase their stakes from 40x to 500x. 

During each game round, a certain number is selected randomly as the “Mega Lucky Number”, which helps multiply the participants’ winnings up to a whopping 500x their bet.

Mega Wheel begins when players place a minimum of one and a maximum of nine bets each round. The time to place bets is short, i.e., 15 seconds, but it is sufficient for players to choose where to place the bet. 

The lowest amount a player can wager is 0.10 coins, and the highest bet amount is 1000 coins per spin.

Mega Wheel features nine sets of numbers, i.e., 1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 40. As mentioned, the number the wheel lands on equals the payout. For instance, if a player bets on the number 2, and the wheel halts on that same number, their bet will be multiplied by 2. Therefore, the largest multiplier is 40x the player’s stake amount when choosing a number. Consequently, there are not many fields with the number 40 compared to the numbers 1 and 2, which appear more often on the wheel.


Mega Wheel’s main features include Autoplay, Advanced Bets Validation, and Bet on All. 

The autoplay feature speeds up the game for those preferring a quicker game. The Advanced Bets validation feature is a complete bet history, allowing participants to track their bets and adjust their strategy accordingly. Lastly, the Bet on All feature covers all nine bets in one move. 

Players can also chat with each other during the game, and the live chat feature allows them to contact Live Support should they have any queries.