How to Play Boom Bang

Boom Bang is an exciting casino game and is ideal for those who prefer slots with a lot of action and speed. Despite all the action, the overall gameplay is pretty straightforward. The rules are easy enough to be understood and is suitable for two to four players.

How To Play

Before starting the game, you must arrange all the pieces together and place the characters in their spots. There are four characters in total, and each player has to choose their character. 


Hank Harris is the most experienced character and uses his hat to protect you against the bats in the dark. Alma Anderson has a bottle of rat poison to protect herself against nasty rodents. Tombstone Tony protects himself from ghosts using his oil lamp, and Rattlesnake Ruby wears boots that protect her from snakes in the dark mine.

Game Instructions

One round in the game consists of four steps, which have been discussed in detail below.


The command “Boom, Bang, Gold!” marks the beginning of the game, after which each player is required to throw their dynamite sticks into the gold mine simultaneously. This will lead to the bouncing of the tiles in the mine, and they may land inside the mine or outside it. 

Gold Search

During the gold search, players will collect as many gold nuggets and face-up action tiles from the mine and start putting them on their respective shelves. Any nuggets or tiles that landed outside the mine can also be collected.

This gold search is also referred to as the wild scramble. Once all the gold nuggets and action tiles have been collected, the gold search is over.

Action Tiles

After the wild scramble, the players are required to play their action tiles. These include the Pick, Dynamite, Sherrif’s star, and Revolver, played in this respective order. 

The Pick tile allows you to turn any five tiles that are face-down and inside the mine. If you are lucky, you may be able to collect a few gold nuggets and add them to your shelf.

The Dynamite tile allows you to throw a dynamite stick in the mine, just like you did at the beginning of the game. Any gold nuggets uncovered in the process are collected and placed on the respective shelf of the player.

The Sherrif’s star allows you to collect all the illegal gold from the rest of the players, but the ironic part is that you can keep your illegal gold. The colour of the tile differentiates legal and illegal gold. Yellow is legal, while orange represents illegal gold.

Last, the Revolver tile allows you to challenge a player who clashed with you during the gold search to a duel. Your opponent will hold two gold nuggets in one fist and keep the other empty. Choosing the empty one means you cannot collect anything, but if you select the fist which has gold, the gold nugget will become your property. 

Securing Gold

At this stage, players are required to transfer all their gold nuggets to their respective gold chests. Now that the gold is safe, the next round can begin.

In the end, each player counts the number of gold nuggets, legal and illegal, in their gold chest. The player with the highest number of gold wins. If there is a tie, the player with the highest number of legal gold wins. 

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